Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Favorites--Field Trip Edition

Yesterday, we went on a fantastic cultural field trip to downtown Greenville with the entire 7th grade! Spending time with middle schoolers is one of my favorites and I thought I would share my FAVORITE moments with you. 

Ice Skating with these kiddos was a FAVORITE. Many of them had never done it before and were so tentative, but brightened up quickly!

Seeing these sweet friends open up and get more comfortable with us, as well as experiencing so many things we take for granted is my FAVORITE. 

(Like statues, elevator selfies, and Starbucks). 

My awesome teacher friends are some of my FAVORITE. 

I've been so blessed to be able to hang out with these people this year!!!

A couple other quick favorites this week:

Again with the 7th Heaven friends! We rode a hoverboard during our planning period. It may be my FAVORITE new mode of transportation!

And lastly, being back into the routine of normal life is simply my favorite. I love vacation and family time sooooo much, but I also love tradition, even if it is a tiny, simple something--like Mexican food on Wednesdays. These people are my FAVORITE. 

Such a fun start to 2016!!!

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