Sunday, January 3, 2016

Musings on the urgency of the Gospel

I'm reading the Bible chronologically in 2026. It's something I've never done and I feel like a plan will keep me accountable to do a little something every day alongside Bible Study. It will also introduce Scripture to memorize without me randomly picking verses just to pick them. 

As I was reading today in Genesis 4 and 5, I started thinking about people throughout history. Scripture tells us of several good men who walked with God--Adam, Abel, Enoch, Noah (who was actually prophecied over to be a salvation for the people. Ironic, right?). I began to think of these men and their wives and siblings, cousins, friends. What made these men special? Obviously they are listed in Scripture for two reasons--lineage of Noah and their walk with the Lord. 

Why were they chosen?

Were they chosen after they proved themselves faithful? Would they have been chosen has they not continually walked with the Lord? (Let's not get into predestination here)

Here's where I'm really going. 
Were there others? Were there women who followed their men and his God wholeheartedly? What was society like? We know in the time of Noah that literally, over the whole earth, only one man and his family were found righteous. 

Were these chosen God-followers desperate for their communities? The Old Testament Gospel is one we don't understand. It is one of God specifically choosing His people to walk alongside Him. It is one of small groups of people fellowshipping with the Father. But what of the others? What of the (at least) thousands of souls not mentioned? Are they relegated to hell for their lack of followership. I think so. And it breaks me. But, anyone who did not walk with God was not worthy of His fellowship. Fast forward to today. 

The Gospel under which we live is not exclusive. It is available to all. However, we still live in a society where (percentage wise), only a few fellowship with the Father. He has chosen "the World" (John 3:26), and yet, few follow. I present a similar question: are we desperate for those souls? Our friends, spouses, cousins, community. Why are we not desperately pleading with them to get in the Ark? Why do we live such in-the-moment lives when eternity is on the line. How often am I guilty of never once mentioning my faith to a friend who I KNOW is unsaved? And why? Fear, pride, busyness, excuse, excuse, excuse. 

And yet. Eternity is looming for us all. Will we be the generation where "only one and his family are worthy"? Those nameless faces, those "other sons and daughters" of this world are quite literally dying and going to hell. 

And yet. We go on. Sometimes proud of our walk with God in our proverbial garden. Sometimes ignoring the whole thing. Sometimes literally saying no when we are pushed to plead with our friends and others in regard to the Gospel. 

And yet. 

The time is nigh. 

Consider the others. 

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