Wednesday, April 8, 2015

M & M's Birthday Party

I mentioned a few weeks ago that we were for sure in the party planning business around these parts ;)

A friend of ours called me in October and told me that she was planning her granddaughter's 14th birthday party. The Granddaughter, ML and her friend M have birthdays close together and wanted to do a combo party of two--one they had attended several years ago and one they had seen on Pinterest. The girls wanted a glow-in-the-dark and neon party where we played glow-in-the-dark volleyball. My sister had done a glow in the dark party long before the days of blogging about it and Pinterest, but it had been memorable to ML and her grandmother. SO...they called the Roberts!

We began pinning, along with ML's mom/grandma and M's mom. We were determined to make this 14th party one to remember!

We set up a volleyball net in the church gym. ML's grandmother bought glow in the dark spider webs shortly after calling me in October on the after-Halloween clearance rack. We strung the spider web along the net. Look at the cool glow in the dark effect!!! That's thinking ahead!

We had lots of glow bracelets, necklaces, glasses, and accessories. We also had highlighters (yellow--the other colors don't like to come off) to write on our skin. We had tons of black lights in the gym and the highlighter glows in the dark under black light. (this is at the welcome table)

In the food room, we set up a photo booth. My mom and sisters painted this cool background with neon paint. Rather than using black light in here, we used colored bulbs to have a little more light for photo ops. We had all sorts of photo props from ML's house and ours.

The moms brought some fun pictures of the birthday girls and we hung this cute Happy Birthday sign. All things neon were everywhere!!!

The tables had bright tablecloths and neon balloons.

This area was for guests to drop off gifts. Each girl had a "Neon" sign, balloons, and a colored light above their present station.

This cake!!! ML and M saw it on Pinterest and had to have it :) Luckily, Holly's Cakes could do the job. I totally love the neon theme and it's perfectly grown up while still being super fun.

The cake/cupcake table. This was for sure a show stopping area! The black lights in the background gave such a cool effect (too bad photos in black lights are pretty miserable).

Close ups of the present areas:

Such a cute neon flag that ML's grandmother had from years ago. It fit the theme perfectly. It was also incredibly necessary, as there was a bridal shower and a funeral at the church on the same day. Certainly didn't need people going to the wrong places on this day!!!

My sisters and ML taking a selfie in the photo booth. They all have "M" names, so they're holding the different M's.

Mackenzie and I snagged a quick selfie. Loving all the neon :)

All of the Roberts/Saville crew with ML and M. We had such a fun time helping plan and execute this birthday party for these special girls.

ML, M and their moms in their splattered glory.

The volleyball game:

From the sky:

The whole party crowd:

Happy Birthday ML and M! We had a blast being a part of your special day. Can't wait to see what Mimi comes up with for the next one!!! 

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