Monday, April 6, 2015

Life Lately-March Edition

We've been doing lots of fun things in the month of March.

Our Small Group this time around has been co-ed. We've had such a wonderful time studying You and Me Forever  by the Chans. We made a fun collage of our wedding/engagement photos a few weeks ago.

You may remember my full on couch meltdown. Well, as they would's the rest of the story:

I sold our couches on craigslist before the new couches came. Therefore, my living room looked like this for a week and a half. In fact, said small group even sat in a circle on the floor while finishing up. It was one of my finer hosting moments.

But--they're here and I love them! Couldn't say better things about the people over at Ivey's Furniture in Easley. They were great. If you're looking for quality at a value, they're your people.

You remember we held Shannon's shower

Well, I'm dying to tell you about the birthday party that we helped host the following weekend. Mom and I are SO in the party planning business ;) Anyway, it was a glow in the dark, sports party. Stay tuned for tons and tons of pictures and a step-by-step of what we did.

We've gotten into the swing of spring sports. Yall, if you've followed me for long, you know that I LOVE very little more than going to some sporting event every night of the week. So, while it beyond stresses my husband out--it is my favorite. In the fall we have football and cross country, winter is basketball overload, and spring has more basketball and track for the sisters, but also baseball, softball, and soccer. WOOT!

Also, this year, our husbands are playing on a Men's Church Basketball team. This picture totally cracked me up. Mackenzie deemed herself their coach (note-she says they totally don't listen!). Moose was reluctant, but Tyler and Micah dragged him kicking and screaming (I'm barely exaggerating here).

Also---speaking of spring sports. MORGAN BROKE A SCHOOL RECORD! Sister broke the record in the 3200. Her time, currently, is 12:19. I'm not gonna lie; I don't expect that to hold for long, as she will do even better by the end of the season. I'm so so so so so proud of this girl!!!

So, have you ever read If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and its counterparts? That's my life! I decided after getting the couches that I wanted to redecorate my den a little bit. I wanted some chairs to go in front of my bookshelves and I was a little bit over my current colors.

I did a tutoring job on the side and had some "fun" cash burning a hole in my pocket. I went to Ross to just look around and scored some fantastic deals!!! I got two of these chevron chairs, two fun new pillows, the rug, and a small rug to put by my door and didn't have to go over my "fun" money allotment. I love a good deal and I think the pops of blue are just enough to make my need for change satisfied.

I had the beige pillows already and put them on the chairs.

I love these pillows! They literally pull the whole room together. Note-my mom counted yesterday and i have 13 throw pillows in my den in various places. Add this to my bed pillow count and I may have a throw pillow PROBLEM. Lol

The rug is Moose's favorite part.

It blends my space so well. I already had the floral blanket and the orange/rust pillows.

So, that's what's been going on in our life lately! Busy, but normal stuff happening over here. 

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