Monday, April 20, 2015

His story on display.

Last month was my husband's 29th birthday. We had a fun night, celebrating with both family and friends. We made lots of jokes about "almost thirty" and "the old one in the group."  

I began to think about our lives recently. We are living our twenties....somehow, it became our late twenties and "almost-thirties" way faster than I anticipated. Facebook often reminds me that college was 7 years ago or more.....

Also, I recently read this book. It is a memoir about friendship throughout Melanie (Big Mama)'s life. It made me think and ponder my life some more. I told my friend Shannon that I just loved the beautiful story of Jesus and redemption and grace through Godly friendships woven throughout the book. So often we look at our own lives and see the moments, the day-to-day and miss the beauty of the big picture. 

You see, as believers, all of our lives should be beautiful redemptive stories of grace and growth. 

We often focus so much on the moment that we miss the beautiful tapestry bein woven within the pieces. God is a redemptive God who loves to show Himself in our lives. When we look back on work journeys, friendships, educational experiences, He should reign supreme. His story of the Gospe is our story. In every failure, picking-up, and rebuilding, we show Jesus. In every positive reaction to a cruddy circumstance, we show Jesus. 

We may see moments, but others see pieces of a tapestry. Are we displaying he beauty of redemption throughout or lives or are we showing the dirty stains? 

May I always be a display of His redemptive story, for I am so richly blessed. 

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