Thursday, April 30, 2015

Grey's Anatomy....and why I ventured into this post

So, unless you live in Shonda – land, this post is going to mean nothing to you. In fact if you have no idea what I just was talking about, you may want to come back on a different day....or scroll all the way to the bottom for a fun Mother's Day printable going live in the Saville Design Shop.

But for now:

I have been a follower of Grey's Anatomy since about 11 years ago… If you know that we are currently in the 11th season, you know that I have followed it from its beginning. I have also watched it in its entirity several times online or on DVD with friends. It had its low points… Circa season seven… However, in whole, the cast and crew of Grey's Anatomy has felt like family for a long time. 

We felt it coming. The disappearance of Derek, followed by his return and rekindled romance. Along with his having to leave just one more time… We all should have seen that those were clues for a tragic ending. However, if you are like me, you were as blindsided as I was when he actually passed away on last Thursday night's episode.  I normally stay away from blog posts like this. Pop culture is not something that I really pay much attention to. Except Grey's. And well, really? I couldn't help myself.

I ended last week's episode with very few tears, honestly. I thought that the episode was so incredibly well-written. It tied together nuances that several of us who have been with her through the beginning would know Shonda was throwing in just for us. For example, he called Meredith when he got on the ferry boat. He said to this sweet little girl (did anyone else love that it was Sydney from Parenthood) "it's a beautiful day to save lives." Be still my McDreamy loving heart! You sealed the deal right there. Love. And a few tears. 

So, what's next? I think that is what many of us around here are wondering. The only experience I have with Shonda Rhymes ending shows is with Private Practice. What I do know about her is that she ended that show in the most appropriate and most beautiful way. So, if Grey's is not renewed for a season 12 (which renewal is still up in the air), I have the utmost confidence that she will do right by us. LOL.
I would almost rather her package it nicely and end it beautifully then go on and on with new and replacement characters. Of the original cast, we only have Meredith, Alex, Bailey, and the chief left. And truly… Meredith has lost both of her people. I know this whole season was about Meredith learning to stand on her 2 feet, however, what is Grey's Anatomy without a primary love story. I have faith that it can go on. I don't think it's possible for Meredith to fall in love anytime soon, but I think it can go on!

I'm not angry. Lots of fans are angry. I get that characters have to move on now and again. We made it through George and Izzy, Mark and Lexie, and now Christina and Derek. We can handle it! If Derek had to go, she did it right. He would've never cheated on Mer, nor would she have permanently kicked him to the curb. He had to die to give it finality and end their 11 season relationship well. It made it better in a way.

Here are a few fun theories for the remainder of the season just for giggles:

1-Meredith could be pregnant. Did anyone else notice the random throw up outside of the hospital? I know she was stressed and overwhelmed, but was it foreshadowing?

2-Will Christina or Addison make it back for the funeral? Addison loved Derek dearly...and though she has moved on, she spent a lot of life with him. Christina is Mer's person! She has to at least call, right?

3-Where are Mer and her kids running to? Switzerland to see Christina? A random tropical beach somewhere? I think Mer is going to quickly learn that home is where her people are.

4-For the LOVE, Shondra, please leave Alex and Jo happy! I know Alex is Mer's new person....but please please please keep it platonic.

Any other random thoughts form you guys? What are some of your favorite McDreamy moments? To get you started:

  • "Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me" -Mer 
  • the prom night experience 
  • The elevator proposal
  • their sticky note marriage
  • his desire to cure Alzheimer's for her mom's memory
  • the fact that he slowly and patiently helped Christina to heal
  • his going off the deep end when his hand didn't work, yet always being our Derek
  • Saving Mer's life....several times....and still loving her
  • Supporting Mer's infertility and desire to adopt
  • and finally...his resignation from Washington, choosing to work under his baby be with his wife and kids. The perfect culmination to their perfect love story.

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