Friday, June 20, 2014

This too shall pass...or not

I said to a dear friend of mine tonight that I have been convicted lately to nt be a "this too shall pass" kind of girl! 
As we go through seasons of life, some are difficult, some are dark, some are trying, and others are simply tense. While I know this to be true, I also know that many times throughout Scripture, we see evidences that God's mercies are for us day in and day out. His word says that they are new every morning. Paul's letter to the Corinthians states that God's grace is sufficient for us even in trials. We are told over and over again to rejoice and find our joy in Christ. 

So, why is it that our first reaction to difficulty or change is "this too shall pass?" Why don't we encourage our brothers and sisters and ourselves that God's grace is sufficient in this season, and we can find joy in Him?! I think we could live much more pleasant lives if we lived looking at the joy, rather than looking past our circumstances. 

Single girl-while this too may pass, you are usable by God in a way married women often are not. Take advantage; grow intimately with him and be intentional in friendships. 

Young mom-you will never be as needed or as loved as you are right now. That kid yelling for you 24/7 will one day want to be far from you. Relish your time with your babies. Disciple and develop them, as well as other moms around you. 

Older woman-you are wise in your life experience. Don't dole out "this too shall pass" as a comfort to those of us just beginning in or walk, rather, share the joy of your current season-or seasons gone by-where your perspective is much clearer. 

Let's commit to be "there is joy in this season" girls rather than "this too shall pass" girls. I have a feeling God will bless the small shift in attitude and encouragement in our walks. Let us each be grateful for our current season. 

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