Friday, June 13, 2014

Seeking Simplicity Women's Conference

For months, several women and I have been planning our church's women's conference-Seeking Simplicity. We had advertised, booked Cindi Wood as our frontline speaker, scheduled breakout sessions and planned planned planned. 

Finally, on May 31, the day came. 

I want to show you around the conference and recap some of the great things we featured. 

Our supper! We had BBQ chicken, green beans, baked potato, cole slaw, and salad all coordinates by my fantastic mom and served by the amazing men in our church. The flowers were done by Meg DeFronzo who had her own floral design business. It was an awesome time of refreshing!

Each of the gorgeous flowers was given to a special lady at the table-the youngest, oldest, farthest commute, etc depending on the table. 

We put together goody bags for each registrant that included a logo t-shirt, booklet, water bottle, granola bar, pen, and name tag. 
Ready to go!

Our breakout sessions were awesome! Their little thank you:

Meg D, our floral designer, also talked about Organization 101. She told us how to organize our family vacations! She also showed us an amazing family organizational notebook to keep everything together-from bills to menus. Finally, she encouraged us to declutter. Definitely something women need to hear. 

Mary Elisabeth spoke on finding simplicity in parenting. She shared with us her tremendous loss of a son, and how that has taught her to seize every moment to find joy and simplicity. She shared several awesome resources as well. 

Brenda talked to us about Simplifying Relationships. She said we must have our right relationship with Jesus first and foremost. She then spoke to us about several levels of relationships-family, friends, Facebook, and foes. She shared how we should deal with each! Such insight for sure. 

Beverly did a breakout titled Resting in Jesus. She told about how we must schedule our time to rest and relax with god and find no guilt in this time. She shared a precious poem that basically boiled down to the fact that if we don't find time to pray, we will wonder constantly why we are frazzled and away from God!

Finally, Taylor spoke to us about simplicity in diet and exercise. She had so many wonderful tips to share. She told us thatsimplifying our routine to just 30 minutes of walking or DVD driven exercise at home is great for our bodies. She showed several products, like the Daniel Plan, Shakeology, and Coconut Oil and talked through the benefits of each. 

We experienced invigorating worship, led by Calvary's Praise Band and women from our church. 

And, Cindi Wood, author and founder of Frazzled Female ministries shared with us from her heart and the story of Mary and Martha. 

We must find balance between the Mary and Martha inside us all and find Christ as our first priority. 

It was such a sweet time of fun and fellowship and we loved getting to meet with Jesus as a group of women. He certainly met us there and softened our hearts to live simple, Godly lives. 

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