Monday, May 14, 2018

Texas Days 5 (part B), 6 and 7

See part one of our Tx vacation here and part two here.

Day 5 of our Texas trip was predominantly the drive from San Antonio to Houston. We took advantage of the hotel pool on this day and just rested a little bit! We had tickets for the Astros/Rangers game that night. The tickets had been gifted to us from a family member and we truly did not know what to expect. Yall. THE STADIUM IS AIR CONDITIONED. Those Houstonians do life RIGHT! We thought we might just stay for a few innings, but it was clean, cool, dollar hot dog night, and the girls were ready to party! 

We truly had so much fun at this ballgame! Eva Kate did so well and hung out in between our seats (and ate her way through the game).

So much fun with these people watching a sport I don't even like! hahaha!

Day 6 was fun. It was probably one of the more expensive days, actually, but it was a tourist experience that we couldn't miss! We went to NASA.

We got to actually see the training facility, mission control, the museum and all sorts of fun things. I would say the babies were too young (duh) and the big girls were a little to big. If the girls had been like 3, I think they would've found it incredibly cool. The tour part was super interesting, but the kid area was too young/old for most of us.

Here we are. With US History. Pretty Cool!

Eva Kate in a real live spaceship. Too bad she won't remember it at all!
I loved wandering around the museum. The science and history girl in me loved that part! Moose enjoyed it, but had been to Space Camp and Huntsville before, so it was not super impressive to him.

Day Seven was open as either beach day or water park day. We opted for beach day! We drove down to Galveston.  We had to stop and get some Shipley's donuts on the way! They were truly delicious and lived up to the hype.
 One of these children ate all of the sand and the other one consistently crawled to the ocean. You can decide which was which.

We had some sun shade from my giant umbrella that I did not intentionally pack, rather just didn't remove from my car...and had some chair-in-a-bags for that same reason. Oh, and a beach mat. Apparently it pays to keep a randomly stocked car. ;)

After a few hours at the beach, we decided to head home instead of staying the night in Galveston as we had originally planned. We left Galveston around 2 or 3 (ish) and stopped on the side of the Mississippi River somewhere for some UH-MAZING cajun food. We had planned to just keep driving until we got home, but we hit a monsoon around 1 am and stopped for the night.

We made it home by mid-day on day 8. What a fun Texas road trip!!!

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