Monday, May 7, 2018

Saville Life 2017 June-December

This post is more for my memory than anything else! I like to look back and think through "those times", so here are some highlights from the 2nd half of 2017!

In June, we road tripped to Texas with our whole crazy family! I recapped that trip here.

July was insanely full! We did fireworks with all of our closest friends, we prepped and prepped, I went with our Church to the Dominican Republic, then Eva Kate and I went to kids Camp. It was busy, but it was full of the things we love. We also got to catch up with some friends who were back in town for a little bit...AND we went to an auction to support the Meares adoption fund.

August was back to school and back to Cross Country. Also, can we note the throwback of this cutie who started her senior year in August! August was also a month of loss that began a tough season for the Roberts crew.

September was a month with all of the running (as it always is). We also snuck away for a little vacation with the Saville crew. We love any time we can get away with family!

In October, the cousin twins braved Homecoming to see Aunt Mack on the Homecoming Court in their custom Mustang Gear! ALSO-EVA KATE TURNED ONE! It was a big month for us :)

November brought Cross Country State and Thanksgiving, as well as Livi's first birthday.

December was a month of celebration, but also a month of firsts as we "did" the holidays without the patriarchs of the Roberts crew. We hung out with friends and family and made lots of new memories. 

And that, my friends, was Saville Life (the condensed version) of 2017. 

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