Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Laundry and other woes

Lately I've been doing a lot of confessing about my laundry situation. Y'all. I'm bad at laundry. Like...I'm really bad at it. If I lived alone, it would probably be a major problem, but luckily I have a husband and a child who require clothing and complain if it is not clean.

I've been leading a Bible Study about not quitting (following one about Looking for Lovely --uh-mazing, by the way, go find it .. by Annie F. Downs...I'll wait.....).
In these two studies it directs us to keep on keeping on, to persevere, and to find the good in even the crummiest of situations.

I have decided to compile a list of the top ten lovely things about my laundry pile (that is legit often from the floor to the edge of my bed. I cannot.).

10. The clothing exists. It exists in extremity, honestly. I can go a week and not wash and rarely does anyone in our house have to dig for clean undies. It is probably an issue of excess. If we purged, I would probably wash clothes more (maybe).

9. I can find all of the matches to all of the socks most days. When you wait until all of the laundry has been done (like 4-5 loads) to fold it, all of the socks are waiting on you. it gives me joy to have few to no mismatched socks left!

8. It is warm, cozy, and smells nice. Eva Kate love to jump into the warm towels. I should probably take advantage of the pleasure she gets in jumping into the warm towels and fold a few, but alas, they often sit in the floor for days.

7. I have a washer and dryer in my house. They are not the same brand, nor do they match, but they work. They wash my clothes. I do not have to do work. I was in the DR last week and even with the "washing machines" they have, it is a lot of manual labor. I'm pretty sure I would have to find a side hustle to pay someone to do my laundry if that were the case.

6. I can afford to do laundry as needed. We don't have to go to a laundrimat, we don't have to conserve water. If Eva Kate potties all over a blanket, no worries, let's wash the blanket.

5. The yummy smell of Dreft. Eva Kate has sensitive UBER sensitive skin. I had to go to scent free everything. The gentleness of Dreft is still okay and smells just like a baby should, even though she is definitely flying through toddlerhood and straight into "twos"...her laundry smells amazing.

4. Moose is willing to hang all of the hang up clothes. If we're honest, the worst part of laundry is actually putting it away. I can handle washing it (sometimes, it get washed more than once because I forget to switch it, but who's counting), I can handle switching it, I can even (most days) handle folding it...but I HATE putting it away! Thank God for a husband who doesn't mind hanging the enormous pile of hang up clothes.

3. I can fit into and actually like all of the clothes I have. This is a little thing, but I hear so many people who are grumpy of their wardrobe. To take it a step further, I have a lovely collection of little girl clothes that make me smile (even when I am stepping over them in a laundry pile as tall as my waist).

2. I have two sweet people in my family to wash clothes for. Moose and Eva Kate bring me joy. God has given me this precious family. They create dirty laundry. I wash it. It is a catch 22.

1. My body is able. My mind and feelings may not like it, but the fact that I am able to do laundry for those precious people I mentioned in number two is often lost on me when I am complaining about folding underwear and 20 t-shirts.

God has given us such great blessings. It is all in how we perceive them. I know my list about laundry may be silly, but it is my thing that just gets after me. I know you have a thing too. Try to find the lovely in it today!

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