Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Texas Days 3, 4, and 5

Day 3 was a jam packed travel day. Before we went, I borrowed a 3 ring binder from a friend who had done a Texas road trip several summers before. I looked at a ton of her things, added some of our own, and mapped it out. Days 1 and 2 would be in Dallas/Ft Worth, Day 3, we would travel through Waco and Austin, but sleep in San Antonio. We would do days 4 and 5 in San Antonio, sleep in Houston for days 6 and 7 in Houston. Then, drive home. It worked out really well with only one little sleeping snag (that I'll get to in our last post). 

So, Day WACO! First Stop: Magnolia Market. I must say, it totally lived up to all its hype. The swings, the bean bags, the games, the shopping, the fun was a great pitstop on a road day to just chill and sight see. 
The Silos in person!

Table for Megan, please?

See, EK Enjoyed her chill day at Magnolia!

These are my people :)

We ate at IN and OUT...because when you see one, you eat at one! It is just what you do! Ironically, on my facebook memories, I had eaten at In and Out on that very day 5 years before in Cali at a grand opening! What are the odds?

Bye Waco! 

We then had plans to go to this amazing place called Barton Springs. You had to reserve a slot like weeks in advance, and I did that. It was outside of Austin and the perfect halfway point between Waco and San Antonio to rest, swim, and relax for the afternoon.

However, nature had different plans. The springs had built up mineral deposits and were closed to the public for 48 hours. The problem with a road trip is you can't just postpone until the next day. We had to punt, but found another really cool natural swimming/state park area to hang. It wasn't the beautiful sights we were hoping for, but we had fun nonetheless! 

We made our way in to San Antonio for a quick supper and bed in our hotel!

Day 4 was official tour de San Antonio. The nerd in me needs you to know I had been waiting for this day since I made a mock Alamo out of a tide box and textured spray paint in the 2nd grade. If only I were kidding.....
Nonetheless, 20+ years later, I finally made it to the Alamo and it did not disappoint! We took our time touring. It was hot, but not insanely crowded. We did the free tour, and I felt like we were able to experience the entire Alamo in all of its glory. I loved it!

We headed to the Riverwalk and ate a fantastic lunch at Mi Tierra. It was stinking magical. Live music, amazing food. DID NOT DISAPPOINT. I definitely recommend. 

We also went to the market on this day, but I don't have any photos! The girls got sweet little Mexican-inspired dresses :)

I feel like we goofed a little on that day because we then walked back to our car, went to the hotel to chill, rest, swim, etc. and then came back downtown for our Riverboat Tour. In hindsight, we may should've rested after the Alamo, then done all of the Riverwalk things at the same time, but alas.

These two girls loved their day in San Antonio, and it won "favorite city" by most of the crowd.

Day 5 was another travel day. Yet again, we were a tad disappointed because BlueBell was having a bacteria scare, so a stop at their factory to grab a bite was thwarted. We headed to Houston on day 5. Stay tuned for the rest and last of our TX adventure on Friday!

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