Friday, May 4, 2018

Texas Days 1 and 2

This past summer, the Roberts family embarked on what may be one of the coolest family vacations to date. I am not really a beach girl, so I am always looking for adventure. Our Maine road trips have always been a major part of life, my history, and my nostalgic heart loves them. However, we were looking for something a little different. 

We knew that summer 2018 was going to be a big vacation, as we had discussed a cruise for Mackenzie's Graduation year. We also knew we hadn't had a family trip in a few years and wanted this one to be memorable. Morgan and I tossed out the idea of a Texas road trip (I was born there, she was just intrigued) and an epic trip was born.

Note: There were my parents, my brother, Chelsea, Mack and Morgan, Moose, myself, and 2 babies (8 and 7 months old. Eva Kate and Livi are champions). 

Because of the baby situation and the 14 hour trip to get to TX, we decided to leave Friday night after Moose got home from work. We loaded up and headed out. 

PJs on, toys and tablet on the ready!

14 hours later, welcome to Texas! We stopped in Cracker Barrel for breakfast and then, as Micah described these last few hours, embarked on the longest two hour drive in the history of drives. LOL! The drive from wherever we entered TX to Fort Worth truly seemed like an eternity.

HOWEVER...the supper we had MORE than made up for it. We ate at Joe T. Garcias. It did NOT disappoint. So, the line was insane for the outdoor garden area, and we were all a tad (a lot) grumpy about it, but dad swore it would move quickly. Literally 5 minutes into standing in the line, a man came by and said "who has more than 6", us! They took us straight to a table that seated 10, past about 200 people waiting in line. That day, it paid to have a big group!

SUCH yummy Tex Mex!

Even the breakfast in TX were Texas shaped! We stayed two nights (ish) each in Comfort Suites rooms. I truly was surprised and pleased with the size of the room, the breakfast, and the ability for us to stay sane while doing hotel life for a week. That is tight quarters!

On day two, our whole task was to make it to downtown Dallas and experience the food trucks. There is this park area right outside the Dallas Museum of Art where all of the food trucks park and we were stoked for this day!

BONUS! We discovered the coolest splash pad. We were truly not prepared, but for some reason had stuck a swim diaper in the diaper bag, so we stripped the girls and let them go at it. They had so much fun! I really think this was one of the best times of the trip and it was a random find. yay for road trips!

Then, we found out that Dallas Museum of Art was having a free family day event. Micah encouraged (read:forced) us to all go in and experience the art. I must admit, though, it was truly a favorite. The exhibits were really cool and varied enough that we found lots to enjoy. It was air conditioned, and we had fun being critics for the day!

Come back Wednesday for days 3 and 4! 

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