Thursday, October 13, 2016

House--Projects and updates

So...I told you several months ago that we put our house on the market. Other than little blurbs in my maternity updates, I haven't shared much of the we go!

When my family was in the Dominican Republic, Chels and I updated the room that was to be Eva Kate's nursery. I joked with her that as soon as we accomplished this task, I would surely find a house I liked and be ready to move. Sure enough, the very next week, Moose and I fell immediately in love with a home on zillow. To this point, we called my Aunt and Uncle that very day and said, "we've got to see it!" We saw it, we put in an offer, we got it. Literally...two days. The following day, my aunt called and said, "Let's put yours on tomorrow...can I come take pictures." 
Ha! Cue my housekeeping skills...or not. I called in reinforcements (aka my mom) and we got it photo ready. This was all the last week of July. The very next week was Kids Camp, and I had to trust that Moose would keep our house show-ready without me. I learned a lot about letting go...and he did an excellent job, to be honest! 

We organized and eliminated clutter throughout our home and did some honey-do items that have been on the list forEVER. We had a contingency contract on our new home that lasted until the end of August and were hopeful that the Lord would work out the details. 

Well, August came and went with quite literally 20-some odd showings and a lot of interest, but no bites. The sellers of the home we really liked were generous and extended our contingency a few weeks into September....more showings, more interest. We did get one (rudely) low offer and ignored it. The end of September came and officially, our contingency ended. We were sad, but really trusting that if it was God's will for us to move, we would move. 

The very next day, we got a full price offer on our home. Not exaggerating. 
Since the offer, we have been dealing with little fixes, contract agreements, and things of that nature...and trying to get a lot of that done before Eva Kate gets here, while also not stressing about the home because we don't move until mid-late November. It is an imperfect balance and I truly am doing my best to make it work!

In the meantime, we have gotten some sweet things for EK's room and are going to leave it semi-complete until we move and can give her the nursery that was in my brain from the get go. She won't need a room at this house for the 3-5 weeks she will live here, and she is certainly no less loved without a designer nursery! If anything, she's getting a major upgrade when we move anyway ;)

So, that's what's going on with the house lately! I've gotten slightly sentimental and am beginning to feel like I'll miss our first home that we put so much blood, sweat, tears, and love into...but I know that the next one will be just as special as we raise our girl in our new home for our new adventure! 

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