Saturday, October 15, 2016

Eva Kate's Baby Shower

Back mid-August, some precious ladies threw a wonderful baby shower for Eva Kate. Y'all, our church loves us so well. When we came to Calvary 13 years ago, I never thought I would ever love a church or a people like we loved Morgan Memorial. While Morgan Memorial still holds an insanely dear place in my heart, Calvary has become home to my family and me and these people are our people!

L to R--Mimi, PJ, Shannon, Chelsea, me, Susan, Stephanie, and Jill (missing are Shea, Megan P, Margaret, and Ann). These women are the! 

Sweet diaper cake that Margaret made

I love little shower decor details:

Gift table with poms and tassels that will be in EK's room at the new house. 

Take a second and check out that floral arrangement. It was just spectacular. I am not really one to ooh and ahh over flowers very often, but I adored those so very much! We got to appreciate them in our home for a few weeks as well.

These friends are so precious to me! We all will have babies within 1.5 years....add Andi's sweet Harper and that makes 5 babies under two (not even counting the big kids). What a fun season!!!

I must take a second and talk about this dress ;) I wanted something that was (of course) corals and teals because that is my theme with Eva Kate for now...and I am just not a pale pink girl myself. I love all things girlie, and I appreciate that many of you (my mom and SIL included) love pink for their girls...I just prefer a little bit different!
So...I searched and searched and searched until finally Pink Blush maternity was on Zulily one day. I snagged this dress for a MEGA value! I crossed my fingers for a solid month that it would arrive for the shower and it made it the very week before. Yay for a plan coming together :)

Here we are opening gifts. Chels was a great scribe ;) (you know every woman out there hates that job!)

What fun blessings for our girl! My grandmother made the Eva Kate banner that is front and center (and really there is so much handmade and prayed over and specially picked out on display here). 

Mack posing for me ;)

We are so insanely loved 

Thanks to everyone who loved on us at our shower, helped make it so incredible, brought us a gift or giftcard, and has just been there for us during this time.
We love you all!

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