Sunday, February 23, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014 Week 8

Day 47: took off on a plane for Massachusetts. Spending two weeks working for Chick-fil-A corporate. 

Day 48: the coolest dedication dinner venue ever! (where the "baton" is passed from corporate to the owner and to his team members. Super cool ceremony and dinner)

Day 49: real live snow. So much of it--making our #snowpocalypse pale in comparison

Day 50: this restaurant served popcorn instead of bread. So yummy

Day 51: opening day at the Cfa and what do I post a picture of? Our pizza we ate at 10 pm! 

Day 52: a large metal pan fell on my face. Apparently I had my mouth open-ha! (Side note, it is healing well)

Day 53: put on real clothes for the first time in three days. (Sad note-then, I fell asleep in them until morning and did t actually go anywhere!!!)

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