Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Clearing the clutter

I am a hoarder. Sort of. Sometimes, I keep things because I just can't let go! But, I am also quite OCD, and therefore have a hard time keeping the little piles of clutter. This juxtaposition usually ends up in a major purge every couple of months. 

(as an aside, I made it my goal to use the word juxtaposition in every paper I wrote my senior year of high school. I accomplish that goal! Every time I use it, I think of that.)

As we prepare to move back in tomorrow, I find myself in the middle of one of these purges. I feel like if I haven't used it in two months, I probably don't need it. So, I clean. Incessantly and get rid of all sorts of junk we never needed to begin with. 
See? A lot of stuff. 

My point with this blog entry, though is that clearing the clutter is good for the soul as well as the junk drawer. Living a life filled with stuff and things piling up around us, things we don't even use or want, is living a life unfocused on the right things. I really think that a streamlined, organized life leads to clearer thought processes and less chaotic spaces. It's good to purge. It's good to look around at what we need, what really matters and realize that what we need isn't found in the piles or garbage bags or hoarded attic boxes. So, I purge. 

And I'm finding that what's good and necessary is people. God gives us so many relationships, but often those get as messy as our houses, so we stash them and ignore them like little junk piles never to be dealt with. Let's purge. Let's cleanse and fix--our stuff and our relationships, and get on our way to a healthier and less stressed life. 

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