Friday, April 1, 2016

Friday Favorites-SPRING BREAK

I'm not going to be one of those people who only blogs about being pregnant. I swear. I just titled this Friday Favorites as such because this girl has been a blogging slacker...and my spring break could not have come at a better time. My slacker-ness is a direct result of this first trimester stuff. It is no joke. This is week 10 (almost 11--Monday) and I have been TIRED for all 10 of them! I swear...I told my mom the other day, as a girl who ADORES some sleep, even this is a little much for me!

I am praying that a burst of energy comes in the next week or two.

So--here are some favorites from the past TWO weeks since we made our super fun announcement to you guys.

Normally this is travel ball season, but Mack took this year off for a couple of reasons and has been playing soccer for school instead. We've had a little more time on the weekends to do some fun family things and our week nights have been CRAMMED full of track and soccer.

Moose chuckles because I find something to do every night but I just love watching these kiddos do their thing! Sports watching is my FAVORITE.

 My parents hosted our church's Kid and Preschool Easter Egg hunt at their house this year. It was a blast. They had a photo booth and bike parade as well. I love our church. I am so grateful for the way we love. Calvary is my FAVORITE.

For the past several Easters, mom and dad have invited the staff families who have out-of-town family to have Easter lunch with us. I love that they do this...and our staff has always felt like family. We never really grew up around our cousins or got that privilege, so wherever we were on staff really became our family. These sweet friends are no exception. This special family is a FAVORITE.

Each year we take some pictures under "the tree"! Somehow this year's was just a kid-only picture...but we'll get you in next time mom and dad! The memory of this picture year after year is certainly a FAVORITE of mine.

Last Year Here
2014 Here
The rest were pre-blogging and I'm a little to lazy to look them up ;)

This week was spring break (WOOT WOOT) and on Monday morning I got a phone call from my dad that said "I booked a house on Folly; we leave in two hours". Well, of course I was all in! I adjusted some appointments said "forget that cleaning list" and packed a bag! We spent a few days just relaxing and eating wayyyyy too much. I also invested in a few flowy shirts and stretchy pants. I'm not really sure if the need for these is a result of all the eating we did or a result of baby :) I'm blaming baby! Time with family...and my FAVORITE!

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