Friday, April 22, 2016

Friday Favorites--the baby years

When moose and I got married, I was certain we would wait awhile to have kids. We were in a weird place where our friends were either older with kids or younger than us and not even married. Grin. 

TWO (can you believe it, Andi) years ago, the first of our little squad added a kiddo to the mix. Hi years of youth and baby Liam! Lol

Then ONE year ago, Shannon and Bryan welcomed precious Henry. 

This year, it seems is the year of the baby. It didn't work out for the Savilles to join the baby-having party until now and God's timing is so perfect. Several of our friends are having kiddos in 2016 and we are thrilled that our babies will get to grow up and be friends like we are. (Because you know, those who grow up in church together are automatically pals...grin....we hope the forced friendships and arranged marriages won't be too much of a problem!)

So this past week, the first of the 2016 baby brigade was born. We have loved watching our little group grow over the years wth friends, as well as with new additions! 
Here we are welcoming Weston. 

The first three babies all came and were delivered on the same floor at Anmed hospital. The next wave will all be born at GHS. It's so fun to have these memories to share. 

So, so grateful for these people and their current and future kids!!!! This stage of life is definitely....and will be remembered as...a FAVORITE. 

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