Friday, May 16, 2014


I've had a lot on my heart about marriage lately. I'm an observer of people (some may call it nosy), and lately I've been watching people in their marriage. It is disheartening. I see couples getting divorced, newly weds quitting before they start; I see people fussing about children and lack of children, making wide claims that are so hurtful. I see so much discord and it makes me sad. 

The observing pointed me back to a blog I read recently by mixandmatchmama about marriage. She said two things that I love love loved and have been on my radar since. 

First, we aren't getting divorced, so we might as well get over it. Well duh. I love this! Moose and I knew going in that we were going to be til death do us part people. The sanctity of marriage is both Biblical and close to my heart. (I will take two seconds and say that I know we love in a fallen world and precious people close to me have been divorced. I don't think this is a life ending thing, nor is it 100% of the time the complete wrong decision.). God did not intend for divorce to exist, much less be prevalent. So, Moose and I will continue to "get over it!"

Second, marriage is a beautiful and fantastic thing, but sometimes it is dreadfully hard! The number one thing I tell engaged friends of mine and that I wish friends had told me is, "it's ok to think marriage is difficult. It is!" Stick two people together under own roof and throw in finances, intimacy, values, and work ethic and chaos sometimes happens. My first year of marriage was incredibly challenging, yet incredibly rewarding. 

It's hard and sometimes we fight, but in the end, we are committed to the Lord and to each other and that's why our marriage will continue to work! I think my heart is heavy when I look around because so many couples view marriage as disposable. When the going gets tough, get out. My heart breaks when I consider that philosophy! There is no escape route in my marriage, only workrooms! We will be building and editing and adjusting for life, but we'll be doing it together! 

Moose and I are literally the farthest thing from the perfect married couple, but we are committed to see this thing through to the end. We love each other, we love Jesus, and we know that and a little sweat equity is what it takes to build a "til death do us part" family. I challenge you in your marriage to do the same. 

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