Monday, May 12, 2014

A Full weekend

This weekend was the first weekend I had been home since Easter and it went by way too quickly! 

Friday night, our family finally got around to celebrating my youngest sister's birthday! It was April 25! With my sister's basketball schedule and my traveling, this was the first time we had all been in town to do it! We went to Fuddruckers and went bowling! So fun. We established that Moose and my dad's college bowling classes have paid off for them! Also, my bowling form is weird, abnormal, and so wrong! 
 Happy Birthday Morgan!

On Saturday, I filled in for a friend at a Chick-fil-A. He had a graduation to go to and several other upper managers were going to be out that day as well. I ended up working for 11 hours that day! Felt like a grand opening. Phew, I was tired. But, I love the Chicken Shack, so it was good to hang out there. 

Yesterday was Mother's Day. (I know. You hadn't heard about it on social media yet.) As an aside, between prom for the local HS and Mother's Day, I had to check my Instagram approximately 4000 times this weekend so as not to miss anything great. ;) I kid, I kid. 

Since my mom was out of town for part of the day, we had planned a little pizza party after night church. It left me with a relaxing Sunday....not quite! I taught our Sunday School class and then realized that the Kids Church leader was out. (My mom is our Children's Director, so when she's out, I check on these things.) So, I scrambled and ended up teaching Kids Church as well. My dad, Moose and I had a nice not so Mother's Day lunch here:
I'm telling you. Home. Lol. 

Then, we set up for a church fellowship, had a meeting, church, party, and finally to the house where we hung out with mom for Mother's Day. I got my mom an Origami Owl necklace and the quote of the night came when she was checking out the charms. She said, "a cross, a birthstone, a heart...but I don't understand why there is a 'W' charm." 
We all rolled our eyes and explained that it was an M! (All of our names start with M). Bless-she claimed sleepy, but we are a tad concerned. 
My selfie master sister left this gem for me to share with you as I finish the weekend recap! Love my family!!!

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