Thursday, May 1, 2014


I'm learning that communication is hard. It's messy. And there is no cookie cutter way to communicate. 

I have to communicate with those I love constantly. I need to be encouraging and uplifting and share personal things about myself. I need to be intentional with these people and when I can't speak with them face to face, the amount of conversation needs to increase. 

Work communication is a different type of difficult! You have to read the people with whom you are talking and address them appropriately. I've been dealing with this one a lot lately. I'm naturally a leading personality. I like to jump in and take control, then talk later. Apparently that's offensive to some (grin)! So, I'm working on really shifting blame on myself and asking leading questions to get people to figure out what I'm trying to tell them without first being overwhelming. So hard and so not me. 

Communicating has become even more difficult in the age of technology. We read into texts and emails and emojis with our critical lens. Odds are, the person had an entirely different tone than you read it with. Several years back, at Micah and Chelsea's graduation, the speaker said "you have to earn the right to communicate via email or text." Now, I see why. You need to have made a connection, been expressive, and allowed tone and inflection to be seen firsthand and in person first. 

There are so many different things to learn about communication! I started this journey in elementary school when my parents told me (daily) that it's not what I say, it's how I say it.....I'm still working on that one today! 

Think about how you communicate. Do you appropriately adjust based on your audience? Are you intentional with those you love? Are you careful with which filter you observe written (typed) communication? Consider that today!

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