Monday, January 9, 2017

Eva Kate-Two Months

Eva Kate celebrated her two month "birthday" with our annual Friend Christmas Party. Grin. That means she did a lot of self-entertaining while mommy cleaned and got ready!

Aunt Mo and OG kept Eva Kate and Livi that evening and took the liberty of doing Eva Kate's two month photo shoot.

Here are her stats:

Eva Kate grew a TON in her second month! From 7 lbs 13 oz to 9 lbs 4 oz...and two more inches! Sweet girl is so tall and skinny. Eva Kate reminds me so much of myself--so nosy and curious! She HATES to miss anything, which means she HATES sleep, HATES to be cuddled tightly, and HATES to be in the dark. Silly girl needs to be in the KNOW!

Month two was a major struggle for our girl. She started having extreme tummy issues and colic around week three/four. We had no clue what to do, but tried everything in our power to make her happy. For about three weeks, she cried for hours every night and the only solace she had was bathtime. Needless to say, we spent a LOT of time with her soaking in the tub each night. We changed brands of formula several times, we tried gas drops...and nothing seemed to help. I talked to my sister in law who had issues with our nephew, and she said they went to a very strict eating schedule and soy formula. After this conversation, I called our doctor! She said to switch Eva Kate to soy formula...and yall, it is like a switch went off. She is a much happier baby and loves to eat now! Yay!

Our girl is still waking up several times during the night. She is so petite, she is just hungry a lot! She has some catching up to do, I guess! During the day, Eva Kate is GO GO GO! Her little feet are always kicking and she coos up a storm. I love her little personality so much and she is ALWAYS ready to play.

Eva Kate loves her cousin Livi and wants to have her hands on her at all times. We joke because Eva Kate never (ever) sleeps and Livi rarely stays awake. Can we find a happy medium please!
 I love these two and can't wait for them to become besties as they grow up...

 Eva Kate, you are our greatest joy. Your personality makes us smile each and every day. We can't be mad that you keep us from sleeping because you are just such a happy thing! You love your mommy and daddy and smile at us with a big toothless grin. You can entertain yourself for quite some time and play for at least an hour between naps. You are such a big little thing! We would not change one thing about our life with you. We can't wait for so many more firsts with our sweet girlie!

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