Friday, October 14, 2016

Life Lately--August

August came and went with the flash that was the end of summer and beginning of school. It was the kind of full that I love with my whole heart and would never trade for anything else!

Kids Camp and Cross Country Camp were back to back this year...

Which resulted in lots of naps and some insanely swollen feet (for the first time) for this pregnant girl. I am so glad that Eva Kate was so easy to handle during this busy summer. She did great inside my body...I'm sure she'll fit right into the crazy outside as well!

Several Doctor's Appointments, some school work and prep for Micah and Chelsea's classrooms happened after we rounded out the summertime!

I loved getting to do some chalk art in my sweet brother's classroom this year. 

Some precious friends and ladies from the church hosted our baby shower. We are beyond blessed by all of the love that has been shown to us and our Eva Kate.

We wrapped up our Summer Sunday Nights with an evening in the park!

Dad, Meemaw, Peepaw and I took a trip to MAINE!

We got a little bit of friend time in...the summer/early fall are always such BUSY seasons that we feel so grateful when we get to spend time with our crew :)

And that pretty much wrapped up the month of August. It flew by and I love it! Stay tuned for some September Life Lately! 

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