Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Baby Saville #1. Week 32 Update.

How far along? 32 weeks 

Size: squash

Total weight gain/loss: + 20 lbs. somehow, I lost 4 lbs this week. 

Maternity clothes? Definitely

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: has been okay. Nighttime potty breaks have begun. 

Best moment this week: Getting to spend some time at my favorite workplace-Palmetto Middle. Grateful to be able to sub until Eva Kate arrives. 

Movement: Yes! 

Food cravings: not really craving anything

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still playing the gallbladder games 

Have you started to show? For some reason, I feel rather large this week. I think she's spreading out! 

Gender: all things girl around here :)

Belly Button in or out? On the verge

Wedding rings on or off? Either rocking my Walmart rings or my band from when I worked at CFA. 

Milestones: Eva Kate is in the head-down position in the birth canal to prep for birth (she's been there for like 2 months, silly girl). Her skin is less translucent and she is strong enough to be a healthy baby if born anytime soon! 

Major Happenings: I Had a great doctor appointment this week where we learned my placenta has moved just enough (yay) and that Eva Kate is measuring perfectly. 

What's Been Going On: Feelings-wise, Not a whole lot new here. I definitely feel myself and Eva Kate growing. Lol. 
 Life-wise: cross country is gearing up! We also are still sitting with our house on the market ... So hurry up and wait there! Haha. 

Looking Forward To:  Cross Country, subbing in 7th grade (yay!), and deciding what we're going to do about our house!!! Pray for that!!!

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