Thursday, May 5, 2016

Life Lately-April 2016

April was a full month, beginning all sorts of spring activities as we wrap up the school year and current sports seasons. We are in getting-ready-for-summer mode and have a LOT going on!

We wrapped up spring break with some work around the house for home and for school. 

 I got in a boys soccer game. With both of the girls playing sports, boys sports have been hard to come by this spring, but I love it when I can watch my kids do their thing outside of school!!

The pregnancy cravings got real!

Our last track meet at home this year was sprinkled (grin) with rain delays. Yuck!

This guy turned 30. I wrote all about it on the blog!!!

PJ had baby Weston! YAY. We love him so much already. 

These girls are KILLING it at the end of the season--State Qualifiers this weekend!

and this dude turned ONE! We love doing life with our friends. Read all about sweet Henry's birthday on the blog soon!

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