Friday, May 6, 2016

Henry's 1st B-day party

Our friends, Bryan and Shannon, have one of the cutest little boys ever! His name is Henry and he just turned one!

Shay invited us all to his party and I wanted to share some of the cute details. 

She and Bryan did such a great job crafting and making the event special!

I love their banners and cut-outs!

The antique decor really made the tables pop. The colors matched so well!

Shay made these cupcakes and her talented hubby made the airplanes for the top!

 What an adventure a year with a new child is!!!

Presents...and another garland!

Sweet boy did NOT love his cake, but he WAS loving the blueberries on top. Yum-o!

He got some really cute toys--a wagon, a car for walking/riding, a swing, a basketball goal, lots of bath things...all things that a growing boy NEEDS! lol

We had so much fun playing with friends in Shay and B's back yard. This is their "down and ready" position :)

LOOK HOW CUTE Liam is enjoying his birthday cupcake. 

 Friends are my favorite!
Celebrating milestones with them is even better. 

Happy Birthday sweet boy! So glad that we get to be a small part of your life ;)

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