Thursday, November 13, 2014

Christmas crafting

I saw this on pinterest:

And decided I needed some of these for my house! 

I bought three candlesticks from the dollar tree, three packs of glitter from the same, and three comes from Hobby Lobby. With the Mod Podge I already had in my cabinet, I invested a little under $12 for the project.  

I set up on the washing machine and dryer in my laundry room. Why? Because it was a flat surface that 1. Didn't need cleaning off and 2. I didn't care if it got glittery. I rolled out some cheap wrapping paper to cover the surface and got started. 

The steps:
I rubbed Mod Podge on the cones in sections. I realized that I didn't have a paint brush or foam brush handy, so I used my finger. (Really technical I know)

The area I used was about 1/3 of the cone because I had bought three glitter packs and I knew it would help me disperse the glitter properly. 

I then cut the corner from one glitter pack and sprinkled liberally over the section. 

I realized that for some colors, I needed a fourth packet. The dollar store glitter packs came with one navy, three teal, and two green. So, on my navy tree, I used one of the teals as a fill in. The other trees got an abundance of glitter, as I had plenty of those colors. 

Because I had plenty of green and teal, my approach on those trees was "glitter until it is gone". This gave a great coverage and the glitter was nice and thick. On the navy tree, I had to add in a teal pack for coverage sake, so I used my finger to rub the teal amongst the navy. Basically, I mixed the navy, teal, and Mod Podge. It was the clear drying kind, so it was fine. 

My completed trees (and my glitter mess)! Once the glitter dried, I hot glued the candlesticks to the bottom. I then sprayed the whole things with clear acrylic spray so that I don't have glitter throughout my house! 

Later, I'll show them to you in their new home! Such a cheap and easy way to add a pop of color for the holidays. 

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