Sunday, July 13, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Week 28

Day 186: patriotic service Sunday morning, catch phrase at night. Perfect Sunday!

Day 187: just timed a Cross Country Time Trial on this night. Love this sport. 

Day 188: game night with sweet friends!

Day 189: mini road trip to TN for basketball!

Day 190: day one of a crazy basketball tournament. 40 games going on at once, scouts everywhere! Kept the book, toured some, and ate yummy food. 

Bonus: ready for day 2

Day 191: played tourist with my sister on this day. This was right after she asked who the Dukes of Hazard were and before she asked who Willie Nelson was!

Day 192: waiting on a game that started at 8:45-9:45 eastern-which is my bedtime!!! Had such a fun time with these girlies this week!!!

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