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Children of the Day-Session 2

Our Session 2 meeting was on June 19. Good grief, life has happened and I have gotten way behind on this little piece of the internet that I call my own.

We started this session by chatting about the things that make us unique. Some of us are neat freaks, some very messy, some the oldest, some younger, some with blonde hair, some with fiery red hair. Often times, we thought there was nothing unique and yet others came up with great uniquenesses.

We talked bout the diversity of humanity, and how we are so much better when we come together as one to do God's work! A cord of multiple strands is much less likely to be broken!

Group members, if you need answers to the fill-in-the-blanks, click here
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Note: the remainder of this post is lengthy and is mainly a compilation of my teaching notes from Children of the Day Session 2.

Ok, we are going back to 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 today! I promise we will get past the first four words.

As we start, I want to remind you of something from your homework this week, because I know some of us finished and some of us didn’t complete it all! So, this fact is crucial to all of us, and it is important for us to have it down.
Today, we return to 1 Thes 1:1 and do not forget the added significance. It is highly probably that we are reading the first drops of inspired ink from the pen of the apostle Paul.

Alright, I would encourage you to read through chapter one.

We have covered a ton of things this week, but we are going to uncover three critical terms that are going to be important to us over the course of this study. I propose to you that there are going to be three types of groups in a Body if it is going to be thriving. Look in your book at number one, and you’ll see that it says Three groups are in operation at all times in a thriving body of believers: we, you and they.  
Now…write them in All Caps. When you write them in all caps, you’ll know we mean it as symbolism as one of these three divisions in the body of Christ.

Ok, so today, we are going to have examples of the three divisions.
(Have signs with WE, YOU, and THEY)

Glance through your chapter, and if you are comfortable marking in your Bible, find the we, you, and theys in this chapter. Divide them in your thinking this way
WE: The Effectual  (represent this group that is operating in full throttle effectiveness in the word of God. When I speak in the “WE”, I am not automatically assuming I’m always in the WE. It is about the people who have joined together to allow the Spirit to fulfill His calling through you/us at this time)

YOU: The Affecting (okay. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and you’ll understand that the YOU are very much affecting the people around them for the gospel, but the “WE’s” are like bearing fruit all the time, always. The YOUs are just beginning. They are affecting, but they are not lifestyle effectual. They are going to be the “WE’s” one day)

THEY: The Affected (If we are going to affect, or be effectual, there has to be a THEY! We can get so caught up in WE and YOU that we realize that there is not a THEY! If we are in a never changing church, Sunday school, Bible study, etc…something is wrong! YOU is watching WE, but no one is there to be affected! It is supposed to be a tiered thing. We are supposed to move)
If we could do a diagnostic of our community and there are no WE’s, what in the world are THEY looking at. Get it? We are WE because of?
If you need proof that everyone is to be a WE, Col 1:28 says-He is the one we proclaim, admonishing and teaching EVERYONE with all wisdom so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.
Also, a WE can become a YOU. (We can begin to coast…busy serving, that we miss our time with the Lord, we lose his Spirit, and we move down…)

Here’s this crucial point-If you insist upon being an I, you will never be part of WE. Independence is a major sign of immaturity in the body of believers. Note, every single time the YOU is used in the first chapter of 1 Thes, it is plural. There are always other people in the work of what God is doing. We should never be threatened by territorialism; God can and will work in people in the same area you like to minister in!

2. WE get the privilege of telling YOU that you are loved by God and chosen.
            Someone read verse 4; what if WE was so territorial and independent that she could not look over at YOU and say that she is chosen and loved by God. In your brain…and even in communication with Bible Study this week, let’s consider each women in here as “Sister, loved by God!”  (Chosen story…)

            Five things that kill strong leadership finish
1.      they did not trust the very people they developed for succession (WE mentors YOU, then got mad)
2.      the fought over things that were not that important (WE fought among themselves)
3.      their identities are too connected to their movement (WE could never see THEY as part of WE)
4.      They grew angrier as they grew older (WE no longer believes in YOU and especially not THEY)
a.       Obstinance will make us obsolete (WOW!)
5.      They could not hand over what they helped create (WE cannot let go)

Let’s move into 1 Thes 1:5.
Did this verse resonate with anyone this week?

3. Often, we hope God is at work, but sometimes we get to know it.
            Has there ever been a time where you just “Knew” God was at work? We always trust it..but sometimes we get it with power and with the Holy Spirit. Let’s not just push this verse off onto pastors or teachers or ministers…pray it over yourself; we are all ministers of the faith.

4 In a world of platforms, we better be ready to prove ourselves. ……proved.
In our culture, we sort of say “well, I planted a seed”…well, we are called to Prove what we believe by living a life of Christ! In order to be a WE, we have to be living proof…real people, even in social media, church, etc.  Fake doesn’t hold up under fire or stress, we have to be real and know that when WE go through something, we can leverage that for the kingdom! Our life is proof, not pretense.

See verse 7…THEY are watching. They are sampling the example (we are called to be en-sample for them), they are tasting the samples, and ultimately we pray that they taste and see that God is good!

Think back to day 5 homework. Beth writes a good bit from a commentary, and we are asked to look for a four word sentence that we wrote down. The Thessalonians Looked Outward! Let’s remember that today, as we finish our study. WE and YOU think we’re so happy. WE and YOU are not thriving until THEY are affected. It doesn’t matter WHAT is going on, if there is no example, no sampling, then we are not operating as a healthy group of believers.

So, number 5 tells us
5.      Each circle of believes faces outward so that THEY can see us and we can see them.
Let’s look at our map. See how it is positioned outwardly?

This is our geographical lesson from the city of Thess! Yes, have groups…yes, stand shoulder to shoulder with nothing separating us, but let us no longer face inward because THEY are at stake.

6.      Until Jesus comes back, we keep coming back.
We are reminded that Jesus is coming…and until he does, we just keep coming back to the circle! I don’t know where you are right now, but I do know that you can be so connected…but you literally don’t remember the last time you were close to the Lord Jesus! You are not unforgiveable. Sister, you are loved. And you are chosen! Keep coming back! Get up, and join the circle.

So that’s what we’re going to do. We aren’t just doing a Bible Study! We are on a missionary journey with Paul, and Silas, and Timothy!

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