Thursday, June 10, 2021


 You guys! 

So much has been going on in the past few weeks! School ended, Eva Kate had her 4k program, and summer has ramped up! Someone mentioned the other day how excited they were for summer because it is such a slower pace and they can just be lazy with their family, and I sort of chuckled inside. Summer and December are just not that way in our house. Church work gets insane in the summer, so you may or may not hear from me as much. 

In the adoption world, I have been working super hard to get all of our paperwork collected. I wanted to be done with the majority of the paper chase before the "crazy" of summer began. We are officially HOME STUDY APPROVED! YAY. This has been a huge part of our process and is certainly the most tedious. 

I want to tell you a few stories that just scream "God is in this". 

1-Our home study requires a psychological report. I had joined an adoption group on Facebook where you can ask questions, communicate with other adoptive parents, etc. According to this group, the psych report can get pricy and it is difficult to find someone who will do it the way Colombia wants it done. I began calling around and found a gentleman who was willing. He quoted us at $2000 out of pocket, which according to what I had been reading was about right. I have no way to explain this next part other than "I had a funny feeling" about the whole thing and decided to put on facebook that we were looking for someone who had done adoption psych evaluations before. We got a ton of recommendations for this one lady and I pursued her, thinking she must be the one. Well, she was too busy. I had received one other recommendation, so I emailed her. She had a cancellation the following week! She asked for our insurance information and told me that often, she is able to get this process covered. You guys! We ended up having to pay a $100 deductible. She met us at her office in Simpsonville at times that were convenient for Moose's schedule, and she got 3 psych appointments done in a matter of 2 weeks. Only God! 

2-Before our first payment, Moose and I decided it was absolutely crucial for us to pay off all of our debt and to really pray about how God would want us to pay for this adoption. We have some strong convictions about money in this house and have tried to stand by those. We prayed that the Lord would provide abundantly in this manner. I also began praying that God would make it abundantly clear to Moose that we are on the right path toward parenting and give us a peace about the process. Four separate people have sacrificially given to us...unsolicited...separately...and completely shockingly at the exact time payments have been due. We have not done a single fundraiser yet, however, God is already providing financially as well as giving us clarity that we are in His will. 

Watching God work through this process is just the best. These are some of the sweet stories I don't want to forget, but I also want to make sure to share with you. I know so many of you are praying with us along the way. He is answering and He is providing!

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