Saturday, June 19, 2021

Adoption T-Shirts

 Adoption Update: T-shirts!!!

Check out these super cute t-shirts that we are selling as an adoption fundraiser and to raise awareness of our adoption! 

There are two styles. I know this feels like a lot of detail for shirts, but I promise--people ask! 

Mauve, Heather Light Blue and Deep Teal

These three colors will be on the Bella Canvas 3001 shirt, which is a super soft 100% cotton shirt. These are pre-shrunk.

Heather Dark Gray and Violet

These two colors will be on Anvil 980 shirts, which (I promise) is also super soft and the heather dark gray is a cotton/poly blend, where violet is 100% cotton. They are also pre-shrunk. 

If you want to order, fill out this form HERE! 

We'll place the order when we return from Hawaii on July 2nd.

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