Monday, April 26, 2021

The Timeline

For those sweet friends of ours who were asking, here is an official version of the timeline.
Yes, we're fully aware that this is Greek to most of you--it is to us too :) 

We are in the throes of our home study right now, so when you look at the document, that would be between the purple checks and no purple checks.
Each line in the list is a document or series of documents that are needed, as well as some options on the matching with a child. 

Our prayer is that the Lord will make the process smooth and allow us to know who that sweet child is very early in the process. It would be so helpful for Eva Kate (and who are we kidding, for us too!)

The next big step for us is to begin looking at fundraising/support raising. 
If any of you have any ideas or feel as invested in this thing as we are, please contact us! 
The expense is certainly not something that keeps us from pursuing adoption, but I would be lying if I said it was not at all a concern. 

The Lord has brought us safe thus far and we have faith that He will guide the rest of the way as well. 


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