Friday, January 6, 2017

Life Lately--November and December 2016

The CRAZY that was October ran right into November, which ran directly into December. Yall! Hectic does not begin to describe...brand new baby, moving, the holiday season, basketball, name it, we did it!

Here are some tidbits from our November and December. I apologize ahead of time for the insane picture overload!!

We started the month of November with the MOST exciting thing. We won CROSS COUNTRY STATE! These girls have worked their tails off for years to get to this point and it finally paid off. Eva Kate was excited to cheer on Aunt Mo and the girls & guys in Columbia as they ROCKED it.

We went to the very first basketball scrimmage of the season. Aunt Mack and Eva Kate both think the inside sports are better ;)

We took lots of naps in random places as mommy and daddy prepared to move and got settled in the new house.

Eva Kate turned one month old!

We waited and waited on Baby Livi to come. Chelsea and I had due dates that were 5 weeks apart...and we both had our girls one week early, making the girls still 5 weeks apart. So fun!

Eva Kate was not too thrilled about meeting her cousin! (HA) She has since warmed up to her ;)

It gets a little harder with each friend group baby to get everyone together for a photo, but we do the best we can. I love these people and literally can not imagine doing life without these friends. They are so wonderful to us.

We hung out with Henry. Henry is obsessed with Baby E and I love it so much! I cannot wait until Eva Kate can actually play with him and his sister who will be joining their family by late summer!!!

Oh yeah...we moved!!!! Finally! Yall, this was a LONG time coming.

We celebrated getting to see our old friends, the Clems, again. Look at these sweet stairstep kiddos. Pretty sure the girls are talking about how to gang up on those big boys!

Love these people to death.

We started off December with lots of cheer. In full disclosure, Eva Kate was not smiling at me that way...she was smiling at my parents' ceiling fan...which is her absolute favorite!

Chelsea and I took the girls to see Santa. It was a little extravagant and maybe not something I will pay for every year, but I am so glad to have this memory of their first Christmas.

Our little joy-girl started sitting up in her bumbo. She holds her head up so very well!

Eva Kate turned two months old and hung out with her cousin Livi some more. See, I told you she warmed up to her! So precious!!!

We had our annual friend Christmas PJ Party. More on that later, but just is my favorite event of the entire year! I look forward to it for months. 

We decorated our new house for Christmas!!! Yes, we moved in in December and immediately put up our trees (four of them, to be exact). I couldn't not!!!

We continued to get in the Christmas Spirit with all of the fun clothes and accessories! Also, this girl LOVES her play mat so very much. In fact, we accidentally left it at Moose's parents as we left after Christmas and had to turn around and meet them to pick it up. It is her FAVORITE thing ever.

We celebrated Christmas with both sides of the family. Look at these sweet cousins together!

We took our annual Saville Family Picture. I love these people and spending the holiday season with them each year.

We hurried home for Christmas Eve night at the Roberts...and took some fun pictures there too!

My papa was not feeling well on Christmas, so the family went to visit him!

We rounded out 2016 by celebrating with sweet friends, watching the Clemson Tigers, and enjoying fireworks for the first time (on the babies' part, anyway).

These two months are most definitely my favorite of the year...filled with tradition, family, and friends. I love it every year, but it was even more special to share our traditions with Eva Kate! 

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