Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Eva Kate - Three Months

Wow, what a month! December 17 - January 17 could not have been busier if we had tried!

Here are Eva Kate's current stats:

She has grown like a little weed. She has such a huge personality, and I couldn't love it more! Miss priss still hates sleep with a passion  in fact, one day this month, she managed to go from 7 am to 11 pm without a nap and still wake at night. Luckily, that's not the norm!!!!!!!!

This month, we celebrated all things Christmas.  We saw Santa, went to our church's Christmas program,  and spent the night with both sets of grandparents.  Eva Kate was, as always, the best trooper ever! 

We also celebrated our National Champion Clemson Tigers with two late nights and lots of excitement. Raising her right. :) Eva Kate is learning young that second to Jesus and family, sports are a pretty big deal in this house! She is so in tune to what is going on and what we are doing.  I love it

We had our first snow day! To be fair, it was more of a "tiny little sprinkling of white" day...but we will take what we can get! This kid brings so much joy.

Eva Kate can roll over! WHAT! She did it awhile back on my parents' couch, and we decided it was a fluke. Well, this weekend while Moose's parents were in town, she did it several times and hasn't looked back. Here is an in-the-process shot.

This weekend, we did Eva Kate's Baby Dedication service at our church. We prayed over our sweet girl in the womb, in the hospital room, and often after, but we wanted to formally dedicate her and ourselves to the Lord and promise to raise her within the Biblical directives we believe are commanded us as Believers. 
Moose's parents came up for the special event, and obviously, my dad, as our pastor, did the dedication service. The inside of her little Bible says it was presented to her by "Pop". How special!

Can we also take a moment to note these two biblical meanings of her name?
Yes Ma'am. Full of Life & Perceptive. 
We've got this girl pegged!

I do pray that she finds the TRUE path of life and finds the joy that only God can provide, as her life verse promises. 

Look at the two of them! She loves her Pop, and I'm pretty sure he loves her a little bit too!

 Eva Kate is such a joy. A friend of mine commented that she has been to more basketball games in her short 3 months than the friend has been in her 28 years. That is quite possibly true...and EK loves it (or tolerates it well!).

I feel like we've finally started to get our rhythm. Even with no swaddle (gee thanks Eva Kate for rolling over), she is sleeping 5 and 4 hour chunks at night. I went back to work in January and my mom and Eva Kate are having a ball while I'm gone.

Miss priss is smiling all of the time and will mimic sounds that we make. She rolled over on the 15th, tried cereal on the 16th, has found her hands and LOVES to shove them in her mouth, and can pull the owl on her owl mat by herself. She is certainly growing and developing by the day. I'm scared to blink...and yet I love it so!

Check out that grin!

This girl is my absolute favorite.
Now for a quick memory lane trip before we go:

The day we came home from the hospital:

One Month:

Two Months (mid move, no moose pic)

 And now. Be still my heart!
Happy 3 Months my girl! 
We love you more than you can imagine :)

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