Monday, December 29, 2014

Best Year Ever

Oh my word! Is it already the 12th? Where have the first 11 days of the year gone? 

To recap...they've gone to Nashville with friends and to school for a long term sub assignment.  We've been busy for sure! 

I was really intentional last year with goals and hope to be this year as well. 

My goals this year are to blog once a week, run 1000 miles, cook once to twice a week, and actively participate in my Bible studies. These are almost identical to last year's goals, but I felt like a more productive individual after accomplishing here we go again! 

I'll be back tomorrow to tell you about our New Year's Eve party and Nashville trip, but for today I leave you with this. 

We got a puppy. What?!? Baxter is a lab/huskey mix, which is precisely what Moxie is. Ironically, we had a deal that Moose could get another puppy when we have a baby so that Moxie could have a friend and both dogs would live outside. I'm not sure how I had a moment of weakness and my cart got before the horse because clearly-there is not yet a baby in the Saville house. 

Nonetheless. We are a two dog family. 

Pray for us. Ha! 

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