Monday, December 15, 2014

A Quick Preview and #SavilleLifeInPictures2014 week 50.

The Christmas Holidays are SOO the best! They give me a ton to write about. 😊 So, coming up this and next week:
The Family Photo Saga
Tour of (my) Homes
Friend Party and Live Nativity
Hanging the Green and getting in the Spirit

I'm so excited to share many of our Christmas traditions with you all! 

But first, Saville Life in Pictures for week 50. Week 50, y'all!  I can't even believe I've kept up with it for 50 days, much less weeks-but here we are! 

Day 341: just a little outdoor decorating!

Day 342: Apparently I have a big toe problem. Holes in both toms! These are now on my Christmas list, as I wore them 
to school and the kids constantly pointed out my sad shoes. 

Day 343: some nights are made for getting cozy by the Christmas tree!

Day 344: 40 women coming to my house the next day. Getting prepped and ready!

Day 345: Had a blast at Tour of Homes. This was definitely my favorite tree, but it might be because I have a thing for Owls! 

Day 346: affectionately known as the day I finished my Christmas shopping. 

Day 347: few things make me happier than these friends and our annual Christmas party! ❤️💚❤️

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And get ready: blogging is back with a vengeance. 

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