Monday, April 30, 2018

Eva Kate 9-12 Months

I am going back and documenting a few things that I know I will want "one day". I didn't do a baby book or any sort of paper record of my child (because I'm a millennial in every sense of the word or what?) and so this blog and my #savillelifeinpictures on instagram sort of serves as my record book, scrap book, and memory keeper!

So, I'm going to share some 9-12 month stats, and I will come back with a 1st Birthday Party Post here in the future.

Month 9 was wild and crazy, and mama did something some people would call crazy and left the country for a week (ha!). I went to the DR on our annual mission trip and EK stayed home with her daddy for a few days and went to Aunt Angie Camp for the other days. This picture is her in a precious towel and shoes that were sent to her from the precious friends from Los Asises. I blogged about Moose's trip here.

I did capture some stats this month!

We took the girlies to find some sunflowers. I love that we have sweet cousin pictures in literally every stage of life.

My big 9 month old!

Cross Country Season came with a vengeance this year. Miss priss didn't miss a beat!

We took official "one year old pictures" a little bit early!

In September, we took a fun trip with our cousins to the beach!

First zoo trip with Livi!

Our big 10 month old.

11 Months!

And WOAH! She turned a year old!

Our first year with Eva Kate was definitely WILD, but it was a year full of joy and blessing. It was a year to remember, to cherish, and to always be grateful for.

We sure do love our wild one! 

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