Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Eva Kate - Six Months (with a little 5 months)

My sweet wild child is half a year and I can't even describe all of the feelings! I just am thrilled to see her grow and develop all sorts of fun new traits, habits, and little quirks. Eva Kate loves to be around people, do fun things, and party all day and all night. She has finally decided to sleep in her crib all night, except about every 4th day or so...then she needs a little midnight snack :) 

The past two months have been crazy busy, but also crazy full of things that we don't love--sickness! EK had her first stomach bug, a major cold, and battled a case of the "yucks" several times. It didn't stop her from being absolutely precious during the entire time! She grew like a weed this month 26.5 inches is super long...but at 14 and a half pounds, she is still wearing 3 month clothes (thank goodness for shorts season--tall and skinny people don't love jeans!)

Here are some more of EK's stats. 

This month's photo session proved to be super funny. 

Eva Kate was in such a good mood and her little personality showed in each and every picture. She also is sitting by herself now and thinks she can stand up (ha!), so she spent a lot of time trying to get out of whatever position I put her in.

This month was full of fun and adventure! We spent a ton of time outside--hello, heart of track season!

 Eva Kate spent some time with her friend Henry and his mommy Shannon this month. She sent me this precious picture of EK hanging on some of Henry's old toys.

When the bath starts running, this is Eva Kate's face...every single night. She loves to lay on the bath mat and kick around while it is being run and then listen to country music at max volume while taking her nightly bath. Bathtime has become Moose and Eva Kate's evening ritual and nothing could be sweeter! 

Miss Priss thinks she is big and can use all things technology ;)

We spent so much time with Livi this month! Over the course of the past month, we each had tons of sickness at separate times...which means our girls got to spend extra time together! I swear, they really loved getting to ride in the double stroller, even though Livi looks less than thrilled.

Miss big girl learned the joy of riding in the shopping cart rather than the car seat carrier!

We also learned the "stank face". This was completely unprompted and has become Eva Kate's picture taking face of choice...this has been particularly lovely, as Easter was this month and we took tons of pictures:

I pray these girls are always getting into fun and mischievous things together!

First Easter baskets! One from mommy and daddy and one from melly and pop!

And one more from Easter for laughs....

ANNND finally, since I was a loser blogger over the past few are Eva Kate's 5 month stats:

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