Monday, July 4, 2016

Baby Saville #1. Week 24 (and oops, a week 23 quick update)

How far along?
 24 weeks 

Size: Cantaloupe (woah that feels big)

Total weight gain/loss: + 15 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Definitely

Stretch marks? Not yet

Sleep: Trying to be a good girl and sleep on my side rather than my back and I'm having a hard time getting cozy. 

Best moment this week: I think she is spreading out a little bit and not sitting as scrunched and low. I felt some kicking higher up (closer to my belly button) this week!

Movement: Yes! I'm totally cracking up because she is SUPER active. Still going crazy in there.  

Food cravings: no cravings during this part of pregnancy. Feeling some indigestion and heartburn after eating!

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not incredibly--smell of seafood is not yummy (with summer, that's a bit of a challenge)

Have you started to show yet: yes! Apparently after I got home from the mission trip, I was looking "especially larger" according to my husband! 
Gender: all things girl around here :)

Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Either rocking my Walmart rings or my band from when I worked at CFA. 

Milestones: For some reason 24 weeks feels like a huge milestone. I have no clue why, but I feel accomplished as she starts growing and is SO close to viability. 
Eva Kate is 1-1.5 lbs and about 11 inches. She has plenty of capillaries and veins and is growing!

Major Happenings: We got home from Charleston and the procrastinator in me had a TON of school to do. I probably spent 50-60 hours working on things (so no blogging), but we prevailed! 

What's Been Going On: Feelings-wise, I have felt really good! However, my tummy is still feeling full of baby. My back has been annoying me lately (but I've been working on side sleeping and using my maternity pillow). 
 Life-wise, this week is going to be a busy one (y'all, they all are in the summertime)! It is the week prior to the Dominican trip and all of the Roberts (minus Chelsea and myself) are going. There is a TON of prep that needs to be done! We also start a new kids Wednesday evening series this week, so decor has to go up. 

Looking Forward To: Working on the nursery and getting some things done at home. Getting people ready for the DR trip. This next month--phew--whirlwind of activity! 

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