Sunday, June 5, 2016

Baby Saville #1. Week 20 Update.

How far along?
 20 weeks. Half stinkin' way!!!! 

Size: Banana. 

Total weight gain/loss: + 15 lbs 

Maternity clothes? Definitely

Stretch marks? No, but some stretching.

Sleep: Has been a little tricky this past week. Our AC is out and I've had to start some middle of the night potty runs. Those two things together make for some good afternoon naps! 

Best moment this week: still really excited about baby girl and the fact that she's developing so well. 
Let's talk about our little gymnast for a second:
Sister is all wadded up and sitting wayyyy low. Too funny! 

Movement: Yes! She's still hanging out in a small area below my belly button and kicking just right there! 

Food cravings: I am on the food struggle bus. Still not loving food-the congestion really makes me not hungry. 

Anything making you queasy or sick: Not incredibly

Have you started to show yet: yes! Lol


Belly Button in or out? In.

Wedding rings on or off? Either rocking my Walmart rings or my band from when I worked at CFA. 

Milestones: Baby girl is "eating" fluid and is supposedly becoming very active. To me, she seems to be hanging in one place. We'll see! 

Major Happenings: 

Baby Saville is officially 
Eva Katherine Saville (Eva Kate) 😍
Still reeling over her name. Love. 
We also found out that Eva Kate's cousin is also going to be a girl! Yay for all things girlie!!!

What's Been Going On: Feelings-wise, still enjoying the lingering congestion, which may be rhinitis. Eva Kate is causing some serious pressure down low. We'll see how that continues to develop. 
Otherwise, I've been feeling really good!  

 Life-wise, cross country started this week and I've been running with the littles. It feels so good to have accountability! (And at my slow speed)
We are finalizing things for our Charleston mission trip this week and hopefully going to buy paint colors. 

Looking Forward To: 
sweet summertime! 
Lots to share over the next couple of weeks! 

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