Sunday, February 7, 2016

Showering Baby Weston

I swear, y'all. I'm going to go into the party planning business. It's so much fun and I feel like we tend to do a good job! 

This time around, we did a fun baby shower for PJ and Michael's newest. Weston is their third, but their boys are big so they are basically starting over. Oh Boy! 

These friends are outdoorsy and love fun things like that. So I got "pin-spired" and found a super cute woodsy OH BOY theme:

I cropped this a tad because we decided this would be a little bit smaller shower and it would be a good idea to have it at my house instead of the church. So, sorry. You can't creep on me...and you're missing the buffalo check border on the bottom. Grin. 
Welcome to the shower! 

This friend group is literally the best and they go with my whims and inspirations so well! I love that they get my "crazy" 
LtR: Shannon, me, Chelsea, PJ, Meg, Margaret, and Andi

Margaret had this awesome pallet and made the diaper cake. Megan rocked the garland! 

I just love this woodsy/outdoors theme. 

Andi had the wood circles and I had some sit-around stuff. We all just collaborated. 

Literally put a buffalo plaid shirt in my birdcage. Hey-whatever works!

I love my ladder. It was my great grandparents' ladder, so it has history as well as shabby chic flavor. 

Fun cupcakes with tags I designed and Chelsea created. 

You know--just some greenery from my yard. :) mom came through with cake plates, this cute basket below, and mason jars for us. Years of planning parties has left her with a house full of supplies! 

A yummy cheese spread below. The lighting makes it difficult to appreciate. 

Shannon and Andi made a fantastic 
Pinecone garland for the food table. It was the perfect touch! 

I loved having the shower at my house. It was the perfect setting for a more intimate group of friends. 

These precious ladies who helped host and those who attended mean so much to me. We've been through so much. If you've followed me for any length of time, you've read about two births, weddings, lots of showers, birthday parties, Christmas extravaganzas, loss, growing in number, and so many things. This life would certainly be lonely and desperately boring without these loves. I am just so grateful for Godly community. These women, among others have been placed in my life at just the right time so often. I was never privy to many girl-friendships growing up, but I am SO GRATEFUL God has seen fit to bless me with these at this point in my life. 
...and we can't wait to welcome baby Weston Cole into our group in April! 

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