Friday, July 10, 2015

Life Lately--June Edition

I feel like June was such a blur. With the end of school came so much busyness, yet so much joy. Bible School began on Wednesday nights. We are doing a science-y theme and Margaret and I get to play scientists and do an object-type lesson each week with the kiddos. 
We are spending our evenings with the cross country team....Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays are full of practice, quick dinners, and lots of family time because of it. I love this sport and summer workouts may be my favorite part of the whole season.
We celebrated with our precious friends the one-year-old birthday of Liam. We've loved Liam since before he was born and he added such a precious and unique aspect as the first baby born into our friend group. He has no idea yet just how loved he is by so many!
This year's cross country time has been "improved upon" by the addition of morning strength and conditioning at Velocity. about hard!
This precious kiddo and her mama visited for a couple days this month and we went to see Frozen on Ice!!!! (More on that in a couple of days). I love spending time with family and it was special to be with just the Barnes girls for a couple days.
Morgan came with us to Frozen on Ice.
We prepped for TWO mission trips. Baltimore was incredible and the Dominican Republic was laborers. Read about them here and here.
We celebrated our June friends' birthdays (shout out Micah, Michael, and Andi) by the pool and tried to savor the time we had together as friends, with some of us scattering all over the globe in the month of July.
 Baltimore trip happened.
Between the two mission trips, we took Live It local and did ministry at our nursing home. In July, we will host block parties, and do several other Live It Locally missions projects.

We had to purchase a battery and alternator for my car. God is so good in the easy times and in the hard times, and financially, we have been so blessed with "just enough" our entire marriage. I will never forget to be grateful for every dollar.
And I ended the month by packing and heading out to the Dominican, which, you've heard all about!

July should be full of lots of school-doing and getting back to normal, if that is even a possibility. 

Can't want to share so much more with you over the next few weeks! 

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