Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Pops of Spring

I have always admired people who had cute seasonal decor that they changed out several times each year. So, I asked myself what was keeping me from being "those people"?

I started after fall of this year picking up several different items that would go with my house. Then, after Valentine's Day I did the same thing. In our area, there is a store called The Christmas Tree Shoppe. I am pretty sure it is a chain, and I have been excited to find some cheap and cute seasonal items there!

I got ahead with Easter and spring and am excited for the little pops of the season that I can set out around my house.

Have a look:

On the outside of the house, I found a cute wooden rabbit to put in a burlap wreath on the front! My mom found this super cute owl flag and I changed to my "Spring" "S" as my street number on the house. We have some really cute tulips blooming! They're sort of random, but they make me want a little sidewalk and some more flowering plants this spring/summer! On the back door, I put a burlap egg that is bright and fun and colorful. I love the pop of brightness.

In the kitchen, I put this cute towel that I found for $1, a centerpiece of a bargain bowl, some Easter grass and the coolest invention since sliced bread--plastic eggs that you can dye! looks like I put forth lots of effort and you only have to do it once ever.

I used "real" chalk this time rather than my chalk pens for an easy Easter piece of art.

In the living room, I put some Easter grass and more eggs in my birdcage. I placed this brightly colored tray that I found on clearance on our trunk and got a little bunny to sit by the TV.

 I found this green caraffe for $0.50 at Rite Aid! I think it was a leftover from St. Patricks Day, but it works for spring. I think I want a couple of flowers to hang out of it for spring and summer.

Here are some other things I did in the den for spring. A cute sign, eggs in lots of random places, and a little Happy Easter sign. These flashes of color and spring make me excited for the season.

Until next time :)

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