Monday, February 16, 2015

Life Lately

So the past month and a half has been a total and complete blur to me!

I had a six week long-term sub in 8th grade English. It totally pulled me out of my comfort zone and forced me to teach an objective subject with a group of artsy, ELA minded folks. Y'all--I'm a math and science girl for a reason! It was fun, though! I am truly, madly, deeply in love with Palmetto Middle School and the ability to "work" there for 6 straight weeks made me a super happy girl. Hope to do some more long terms before this Masters is finished.
Some of my sweet kiddos on the last day:

Here's a quick recap of life lately:

We went on a super fun trip to Nashville to round up our Christmas/New Year vacation. Moose, Micah, and Tyler had planned a boys trip and to not be outdone, Chels, Andi, and I had a companion girls trip. We all went to Nashville and had one dinner together, but otherwise, we did our own thing. The girls spent time hanging around downtown Franklin, the Opryland hotel, and basically lounging around for three days! We loved it!

In January, we had a fun shooting range date. It was Chelsea's first experience shooting a gun. This was a follow up to my creative zombie chasing date from our Christmas Party. We ended up going as a foursome and had a really great time.

We had another guys night/girls night as well. The boys spent HOURS playing video games and we got our craft on. I painted the owl. (I think I have an owl addiction....not exaggerating).

For Valentines Day, mom planned a 50's style sock hop for the kids at church. Chels and I laughed that we were Sandy from Grease...pre Danny and post Danny!

The kids had a great time and even danced a ton.

Otherwise, life lately has included more basketball! Even though school ball is over, travel ball starts next week, along with Track season for Morgan. I LOVE sports and watching my people participate in them :)

Also happening that I'm planning on sharing in more detail in separate posts

-The Marathon Weekend 
-Some projects I've been trying such as
        -The No-Poo Shampoo Method
        - Freezer Meals
-Shame and what it does to our souls

I'm glad to be back, yall! I've missed you :)

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