Thursday, October 16, 2014

#SavilleLifeInPictures2014. Weeks 39 & 40

Day 264: I love this group of ladies so much! This night we put on lots of layers to see how silly it would be to "put on" Jesus without taking off self first. Love that we get to learn truth together. 

Day 265: contemplating lots of things on the blog. 

Day 266: fall weather = running pants! One of the many many thinggs I love about fall! 

Day 267: so proud of my sisters and the strides (literally) they've made this year on the XC course. 

Day 268: a big bowl of pasta, a cuddly blanket, and my favorite tv back on for fall. Love it!

Day 269: pressbox selfie! Couldn't get the guys to cooperate. 

Day 270: eating downtown with these friends! Love these people!!! #meow

Day 271: oh you know, just playing hide and seek in the dark with 32 of my littlest friends! 

Day 272: I just love these kids! Palmetto XC is the best. 

Day 273: if only I could be as cool as Mr. Clarke! All the kiddos love him. 

Day 274: AP Chem study session at its finest. Pulled out my 10 year old notes, my PhD Husband, and got this kid a much better grade!

Day 275: I've had such a fun few days at Palmetto Middle School. It's my favorite place to be! 

Day 276: you know you're a real nerd when you read a book to a class you're subbing in..and two days later, you're in book 4 in the series! 

Day 277: delicious fall desserts today! Love this season, these flavors, and the friends I shared them with. 

We live such a full and blessed life! Sometimes I complain; sometimes I'm full of joy. I'm glad for these daily snapshots to make me realize how awesome #SavilleLife really is. 

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