Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Playing Catch Up-Sea World

Has it really been a month since we went on vacation?! Oh man, I'm really slacking!

We went to Seaworld. It was pretty awesome. I loved that it is a combo aquarium, museum, and theme park...and the shows. So fun! We picked a not-really-crowded weekday to go and it was great. 

We started our day at the dolphins. They're super neat. The tanks are open, so you can touch them, feed them, and watch them. 

We watched a dolphin show. 

This is where I pause and say-oh man te propaganda at Seaworld! Like, seriously. It's love the earth, recycle, love the animals everywhere you go! We watched a turtle show (pictures following) and the theme was "you can be an everyday hero". I cracked up at the combo amusement park and science lesson!
Doesn't he look like a real life Crush?

And take a look at this manatee:

We rode several roller coasters. I loved that many of the lines for rides were interactive-aquariums along the way, dolphin or turtle tanks, etc. And that rides were situated along the paths between shoes. It made for a nicely broken up day. We rode Micah's favorite ride next-not because of the thrill levels, but because the destination was penguins! Boy, are penguins stinky!!!
There were hundreds of these fellows and we could walk right up to them! 

I particularly loved the underwater themed cirque de solei show that we watched. As a bonus, it was indoors!!

Chelsea's favorite was this pirate comedy with sea lions. 
And this guy...

We ended the day at the grand finale-the killer whale show! Trainers are no longer allowed in the tanks, but the show did not disappoint. 

Our picture was on the big screen at this show!
(Ok so Chelsea was..with half of my forehead)

All in all, we had a great time. There was something for everyone and though it was scorching hot, we had a great day! It is one of the (or the very) cheapest parks in Orlando, but it did not disappoint. 

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