Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Fashion Philosophy

A recent coveraation I had, where I mentioned that I don't spend more than $15 on a clothing item most days, sparked a small debate. The debate was-cheaper clothes that you have to hunt and last less time or pricier clothes you know you can find and will last longer. 

I see both sides and am not going to argue either one at the moment! But-it got me thinking about my closet and my fashion philosophy. 

Truly, I haven't changed sizes in about 10 years. So, unless it is faded or dreadfully out of style--I've kept it. That being said, my closet is a hodge podge of lots of things! About 6 months ago, I decided it was time to create a "grown up" look that was "Megan." I scoured the Internet and Pinterest for looks I liked and I found that my fashion sense resonated mostly with Shea, from the Mix and Match Mama. (You may know her as bachelor Sean Lowe's sister).  I read several of her posts about fashion and learned that having several key pieces that you can "mix and match" is crucial. Then, you add in cheaper fun pieces-scarves, jewelry, shoes, etc. She shops at places like Nordstrom, J Crew, Gap, etc (places I don't shop unless I have a coupon or it's 50% off!), but I was able to take and learn. 

I cleaned out my closet of super dated things and investigated. I had several good pairs of jeans, a military jacket, a multitude of scarves, and t shirts galore. I realized that I needed some "dressy TShirts" and some blouses. Here's where my rules come in! 

1-if it is less than $15 and fits the items I've pinned or I can see myself wearing it in at least 3 ways, I buy it. 
2-if it's over $15 and fits the criteria, I snap a picture of it and think about it and or search for a cheaper option!
3-if it's for a special occasion (Easter, interview, an event I want something special for), I'll up my price point to find something I love. 

I don't follow hard and fast by this, but I have little to no buyers remorse when I do this! I've found that if I buy things on sale and shop at places like TJ Maxx and Ross, I can make a style-centric wardrobe on a budget. Pants-I allow a little leeway, but still try and find a good pair of jeans on clearance! 

Shoes and handbags are harder. I have champagne taste and a boxes wine budget. ;) To that point, some friends and  I went shopping a few weeks ago and were looking for cute flats. Every pair I picked up was over $70. Literally. I walked away with no shoes! The next week, I found Micharl Kors sandals at Marshall's for $30 and bought them on te spot. My point is, if I'm in love and it's right after we got paid, I'll spend a little more. But-if I'm out shopping and find something I like: $15 Max! 

It had been quite an interesting experience coming up with my current style and budgeting for it, but I love it and am grateful for Internet style inspiration via blogs and Pinterest! Just search and you can find your look as well! 

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