Saturday, December 31, 2011

I am resolved...

Every time I hear the word resolutions, I definitely think of the old hymn.."I am resolved no longer to linger charmed by the world's delights. Things that are higher, things that are nobler--these have allured my sight! I will hasten to Him, hasten so glad and free. Jesus, greatest highest, I will come to Thee." That's as far as I can go without looking up the lyrics, but you get the picture! Basically, this hymn reminds us that we are to walk with an eternal perspective and keep the things of earth in the right frame of mind. And really, shouldn't that be each of our goal for the New Year? 

I am SO not a Resolution-Setter. In fact, I'm not even a Goal-Setter. In college, I was involved in Campus Crusade for Christ and we had to do a "goals workshop" every semester-->bleh! I dropped that habit asap! Now that I have been away from Clemson for two years now, I am involved in a company that desperately loves goals...possibly even more than Cru. A wise person from CFA told me that if I were to get a restaurant of my own, I need to set and accomplish some goals. Blasphemy. Then he said that I need to journal daily about accomplishments and failures in my personal and professional life. Double Blasphemy. However, since this man sort of holds my future in his hands, I will at least attempt the above.

I don't like the term resolutions, so I have created goals. I am also a little bit a lot obsessive and wordy, so to help myself, I made categories and a few main goals in each category (spiritual, relational, financial, physical, personal, professional--by the way). 
I'm posting them on here to keep myself honest. Some of them, I delved into more deeply in my newly purchased journal, but they will be stated for all the world to see in a more concise and less personal manner.
Here goes:
1. Memorize two Bible Verses each month
2. Plan and consistently accomplish spending quiet time with the Lord
3. Complete at least one Bible Study on Prayer
1. Build relationship with Moose
2. Concentrate on building two Christian friendships
3. Interact with and intentionally seek out one non-Christian friend 
1. Tithe 10% of my annual income
2. Pay all my bills early (this is legit a difficult thing for me)
3. Save 5% of my annual income
1. Take Meds daily (again...legitimately difficult. I think I have a problem with doing things on time)
2. Run 500 miles in 2012
2. Run two 5Ks and one 10K
1. Read one work-related and one leisure-related book each week
2. Clean my house thoroughly once weekly
3. Blog at least one time each week
1. Attend Grand Opening Certification course and at least one Grand Opening
2. Apply officially for IM
3. Adhere to and build all of Chick-fil-A Haywood Mall's 2012 goals (which I can't post here, sorry).

So, there you have it. Lots of attainable goals. I'm not all about BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). I don't like to feel disappointed! However, I feel like these are going to push and stretch me in every aspect of life. I may try and convince Moose to post his New Years Resolutions......
But until then, what are some of your resolutions/goals?

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