Monday, May 9, 2016

Gender Reveal


Y'all. Shocked doesn't even begin to describe. I was asked approximately one million times if I had a gut feeling and I really didn't...but I had convinced myself I was having a boy! The Saville family only has boys ;). Until the ultrasound scan, I had no "inkling", but Moose was certain it was a boy and I let myself hear the technician saying some things that were ambiguous as "boy-specific". back up and tell the story a little bit!

My mom and I had talked about doing a gender reveal and I mentioned I really wanted to do something small and fun, but I didn't want to have a huge party or make a fuss because no one cares about the details about my baby like my family does. Grin. And even family doesn't REALLY care! Let's be honest! Nonetheless, we decided we wanted to do a little something. I made an appointment at Vision of Life for right before our 16 week mark to do a gender ultrasound. That place was so nice and the lady was wonderful!

We put the ultrasounds in an envelope and ordered two black confetti balloons (one had pink; one had blue). On Sunday night, a sweet lady from our church blew up the correct one.

Our no-fuss party consisted of ice cream sundaes. Mom bought this banner (LOVE).

And she decorated her dining room table with some pink and blue sundae supplies. She got cotton candy and birthday cake ice cream to go with the theme.

I made some banners to go on the table and realized as I was doing it that all roads were leading to pink. Hmmmmmm.

We took some pictures and made the most of our photo op. My sister practiced with her camera and we have a good family friend who is so gifted in photography and she generously offered her skills.

Then, we gathered my family, FaceTimed Moose's family and popped the balloon!!!
Moose held the silly thing too high at first and I felt like I had to jump for it :)

Clearly, we were a little shocked!

Our people were super excited!!!

We ended with some girl-specific pictures and LOTS of ice cream :)
All in all, it was a fun way to share in the moment with little-to-no fuss.

HOORAY Baby Girl! We CAN NOT WAIT to meet you :)

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